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Sunday, August 4, 2013

This was my very first photoshop experiment of my friend Francesca. I honestly did not know what I was doing with this photo haha


Hello World! 
I'm back! I've been back since Tuesday night last week and I know, I know I haven't posted for a while so I'm going to do it now. This post will just be a short summary of my World Youth Day experience. 
Well where do shall I start? I'm going to start off by saying how much I miss World Youth Day and all of the new friends I had made, and I just wanna go back to Peru doing the missionary work at the school! 
Doing the missions work in Manchay, Peru gave me a wake up call and made me realize how much I should appreciate and be grateful for what I have. Because seeing the people in Peru no matter what situation they're in and how poor they are, they still manage to smile and be happy. Even when this little girl was giving Izzara her crackers, everyone was giving her so much crap saying "Oh how slack you took her crackers, shes poor and you full took it" When hearing people say that, it  made me think...no matter how little they have they're still willing to share even if its just crackers. I loved working with the kids they're so cute and cuddly!!! I wish I knew spanish 100% so I could chat with them more or understood what the hell they were saying! HAHA 
So anyways fast forward to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil since we didn't get to go to Iguazu Falls because of stuff happening with the airports. Rio was...alright I kind of expected soo much more from Brazil. I wanted to see more of the slums too, we were more of in the rich areas of Brazil, not really rich because they're toilets oh dayuuumm I died...But overall the wyd week was pretty good, life changing, amazing because I was so close to the pope, sleeping on Copacabana beach for the sleep out was pretty cool, and seeing the Christ the Redeemer was amazing, something to cross off my bucket list! 
I'll be posting the top photos from my trip below so you could see my world youth day experience. I've also made soo many wonderful friends that I can honestly say I'm glad that I met them and we clicked straight away! I miss my WYD family. All I'm gunna say is if you have the chance to go to WYD take it, it was honestly the best thing I've ever done in my life and can't wait for the next one in Poland! :) 

Members of Our Lady of the Rosary parish who went to World Youth Day- (left to right) Fr Shane Reade, Michael Buhagiar Cindy Tupou, Izabella Domanski & Justine Abrera(me) 

Driving past the Shanty Towns in Peru. Peru is made up of many dirt hills, not small hills but HUGE STEEP HILLS!
This is my WYD group- Group 14- (left to right) Izabella Domanski, Justine Abrera, Adam Boidin, Donna Murphy, Claire Murphy & James Tikolevu

I PRESENT TO YOU "SHELLAC CREW" The group that we formed because we're so awesome! LOL- (left to right, top row to bottom row) top: Jimmy, Andrew, Izabella, James, Angelica, Adam
bottom: Paris, Billie, Justine & Laurena/Sandra

Shellac Crew hard at work sand papering the front of the church doors.
Some Peruvian kids that we met who wanted to take photos with us after they finished school.

On our way up the dirt hill (more like mountain) to plant our trees.

Pretty sure I stacked it a little bit, this hill/mountain is so steep I wanted to cry because I'm scared of heights but I pushed myself to do It, for the people of Lima. So I could pretty much say I've accomplished something good in my life, for others.

Peruvian kids dancing

I had an emotional attachment with this little girl her names Poala, she is 4 years old and I miss her soo much! :'( We all had little kids that we called "our daughter or our son"

At the top of Christ the Redeemer with Izabella and Michael

At first it was foggy and couldn't see much 

Then the wind came and the sun was shinning down on the statue! How amazing is this picture except for that persons annoying hand in the way!!
Copacabana Beach 

James and I enjoying the beach
I was so close to the Pope- PAPA FRANSICO! <3

At the sleep out watching the sun go down

At the Sleep out watching the sunrise! 
Last day in Brazil :'( Miss these guys already <3 Plus other people who weren't in this photo :(

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Dear any record label companies,

Please discover my beautiful & talented good friend named Gabrielle Nacua. I guarantee you that you will hear the voice of an angel and you will not be disappointed!

Love from a good mate who is waiting to see her friend up on a stage performing for the world!

P.S Here is her latest cover of Trust Issues by Drake & Pink Matter by Frank Ocean.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


So the countdown finally begins for World Youth Day 2013 in Rio De Janeiro. No one understands the stress and excitement I have leading up to the day I leave for Brazil. I feel like I'm not ready physically, spiritually and emotionally...I guess I'll just have to wait and see on the day that I leave. I have to also keep in mind that I shouldn't expect too much from this, for example...I shouldn't expect that when I get back...my family issues will go away, insecurities will go away and that i'll be a totally changed person after this. This is more of a journey to find out myself, reflect on my past attitudes and how I can be a better person to change that old life style and hatred within me for the situation I am currently in. But also keep in mind that this journey is also to strengthen my faith and be inspired by other people from different countries who share the same beliefs, and who can inspire me with their stories. Oh and I'll make a post later of what my 19 days in South America consists of. Anyways this will be fun and exciting, let the countdown begin... xoxo

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

twelve:thirty am in the morning

Its 12:30 am in the morning and I just decided to bake some vanilla flavored cupcakes. They taste soo good but look ugly  but so yummy! Oh i kinda burnt them too haha lucky I checked aswell! 

First Photo Shoot

Here are some photos I took of two of my friends who wanted to do a photo shoot. I didn't have a name for this photo shoot, but we already established that the title will be "Innocence VS Rebellious". Anyways tell me what you guys think, any feed back so I know where I could improve on. Oh and the photos aren't photo shopped I tried to but I got a bit lazy. 

 Model: Jo-Raelene Dalco, 16

 Models: Kathleen Hernandez & Jo-Raelene Dalco

 Model: Kathleen Hernandez, 15

Model: Kathleen Hernandez & Jo-Raelene Dalco

New Blog!

I guess this new blog will be more about stuff that I like, for example i'll put together outfits that I like, new shoes that I want/like, how my day was(only if it's interesting) and other things. Not really a fashion blog but a blog about a lot of things really. Oh and also I'm starting to get into photography and photoshop(but sometimes i can't be bothered with photoshop) so i'll be posting up photos. 

Any suggestions are cool with me 
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